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Jelly Fish Sky
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Today while I was raking leaves, I took a break to lay down upon my porch and gazed at the clouds for a while. It was meditative to just sit there and admire the slowly morphing clouds above my head. I saw jelly fish, whales, some triangles and a pitch fork. The sky that was morphing ever so slightly, yet drastically all at once, reminded me as humans, we aren’t really too different from the sky above. We are always changing, always evolving and sometimes, just as the sky, if you don’t stop to look once in a while you can’t really see the change within.

I’ve been working on changes within my self as of late, and I have felt frusteration feeling as if I am not changing at all. But admiring the clouds earlier reminded me how hard it can be to see change within ones self. Patience is a virtue I am learning and I hope to continue learning through out the rest of my life.

Something else that is also on my mind, which also sparked up from watching the sky this evening, is how temporary and fragile EVERYTHING truly is. Just another reason to truly appreciate and love every moment you are alive. The weight of being so temporarily physical can be heavy to bare but at the same time, it is beautiful. I don’t know if I would like to physically exist in this form forever. Or maybe I would, it would feel pretty sweet to tell people I was 1055 years old (I just imagined a cake with 1055 candles on it and laughed pretty hard).

This journey can be quite a mystery. It feels like I am constantly trying to solve a puzzle where the solution is impossible to recognize. I get clues every once and while, and feel I get close to a solution but ultimately, I never do. I will never stop questioning this mystery I am living and I pray that I will always find the beauty within it.

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What a beautiful post. Your willingness to feel and express yourself fully is a huge gift in itself. Bravo, I say! :)

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