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black and white
Wind of change hit me today
as i saw my brother move away
I wake up to pain
it's getting hard to contain it

Don't know what I did to deserve this
This pain is beyond the physical surface
Maybe it's all just in my mind but
some say i've been too kind

If i've learned one thing, its hard to forget
it takes a strong one, to forgive
And maybe one day ill wake,
With out the tears to make
I'll be well and fine
this is beyond my mind

you blame it all on the devil
maybe im just not on your "level"
I stoped beliveing in hell years ago
Real hell is when you can't let things go

And maybe one day I will wake,
with out the tears to make
Maybe its all in my mind
but there is no such thing as being too kind.

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(Deleted comment)
aww i miss you too love

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