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Do what thou wilt.
black and white
I must say, I really am loving the almost winter sunlight today. For whatever reason, (most laugh at me when I say this) there is just something about the cooler air and seeing my breath that makes me feel so peaceful. Winter can be an introverts playground.

I went out for lunch today rather than staying inside my office. As I waited at the counter for my pad thai, a man came in for his carry out as well. He was probably in his late 30's and was so friendly to everyone he encountered. He smiled, his energy was peaceful. He obviously was a regular at this thai place because all the girls asked him where he had been. This man started to explain that he had lost his mother in law, and his pregnant wife all within 52 hours. His mother in-law passed away from cancer, and his wife had a brain aneurism. He was still standing, still smiling.

Life is consistently reminding me how important it is to be grateful for every. single. day. And to never take anything for granted, but especially the ones who surround our fragile bubbles with love.


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